Who We Are

We are a professional cleaning service covering Grayson, Collin, Denton, and Dallas counties. We service 50 miles out from our home location in Gunter, Texas.

We've got that small town feel, detailed and dependable customer service and a little sparkle and shine for that model home and model office look with every clean.

You, the client, are our first and only priority every time!  We aim to provide affordable, personable, and best in class service. Simply put, we are here to serve you and make your lives simpler and easier.

We cover new construction homes, model homes, residential, and commercial customers. Extensive references and a honest demeanor.

We also provide customized plans for you and your home or business. With the option of organic/green supplies for a child and pet friendly experience! We own all our own equipment and supplies (that is, unless you request us to use yours)

Have a preferred product? Leave a message for a suggestion on  products you want used in your home.  

Let us handle the dirty details of your home or business so you can enjoy the extra time living the life you enJoy! *Message us today to see if we cover your area*


What we offer is all dependent on your needs.

Add services like dishes and laundry services, or pick just the basics.

We offer variable options to cover every need and personalized with the little touches that aim to WOW you every time!

Expect a model home clean that sparkles every time.



Every initial clean starts with a deep clean;

If you love what we do, you choose to have weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly standard cleans thereafter.

Sign up for service the day of your deep clean and get a discount


We've also have been asked about deep cleans after your initial deep clean;

We do NOT believe in multiple deep cleans. We always service your every need, every time! We do not agree that multiple deep cleans are acceptable for your wallet or us. Get every detail maintained EVERY time. We wouldn't be doing our job right otherwise.


Learn what we do to get your home to sparkle with our cleaning checklist! 


This is the standard. We offer daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly services. Every detail covered in the deep clean is covered to prevent build-up ! 


This is a quite like a deep clean but with added bonuses. Cabinets, pantry, hall closets, etc. 

Stove also included if given notice

Make ready homes.

Deep Clean

This is normally our starting point for all clients. We start our first time customers with a detailed deep clean, followed by routine standard cleans thereafter. We service every detail, every time. So no more deep cleans unless you choose bi-yearly.

Spring Clean

This is a lot like our deep clean, but with an added bonus. Organization! We help you spruce up the home you love with new beginnings and a fresh start. 


How We Started

After years of servicing in the industry for other companies and leaving frustrated at many of their business ethics, Savvy Maids started. We were trained for detail orientation and being passionate about customer service above all else.

We know that at the end of the day, all that mattered was leaving with the piece of mind that we went above and beyond to please the customer above all else. 

No amount of profit was worth a dissatisfied customer, nor was is it what we are here for. Even if it means taking extra time to do the smallest of details.



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